Duplicate ID. Also can't pass getting updates stage.

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Duplicate ID. Also can't pass getting updates stage.

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Rarely but sometimes software configuration database might get corrupted. Most likely at this point you will see message box that starts with "Duplicate ID ..." or something like that and it is impossible to pass that stage. In this case Kill the software, reboot your PC and erase corrupted configuration file. It is located in the "data" subfolder of the directory where the main executable resides and has a name "v_ride.data". If you installed your copy of software using standard install downloaded from our site then the file will be in: c:\Users\Public\Documents\VRide\data.

After erasing this file start the software as usual. Wait till it downloads updates, then click that big button on the bottom called "DISMISS THIS MESSAGE" and re-enter all your user login data and other setting and pair with sensors.

Sometimes software gets stuck on "Getting updates" stage.
Few things you can try:

Check that your general internet connectivity is not too slow (If it is you have no other option but to wait).
Make sure you are not behind some corporate firewall. That can really slow down things.
Exclude folder where main software executable is located (including subfolders) from being scanned by whatever antivirus you are using.
Reboot computer.
Corrupted database can be a reason as well. In this case to the steps described at the top of this topic.
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