Christmas - giving videos as presents

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Christmas - giving videos as presents

Post by jaysa »

If my friends want to give me videos, what is the best way?

Should they create an a/c, buy, and then I download from their a/c ?
Or shpould they login to my a/c and buy there?
Or do you have a voucher/coupon mechanism?

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Re: Christmas - giving videos as presents

Post by garyb »

My answer would be:
1) if "you" login to your account and the gift giver pays for the video, that should be fine
2) alternatively, if you or the gift giver knows what you'll be getting, you can fill in a contact form, submit it with the purchase one video, or a 5 ride Grand Tour, etc...we can issue an invoice and then in turn supply you a coupon for the same value.

Bit of a long route to a gift but we don't have a proper 'gift' coupon, so we have to work around it.

Hope that helps.

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