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Post by lakecoder »


I've got a Kickr and BT 4.0 dongle (iogear). Any chance this setup will ever work with VeloReality?

I also have a Wahoo RFLKT+ which purports to be an ANT+ to BT bridge, but that still means VeloReality would need to receive ANT+ protocol over BT.

Or should I forget the idea, unless I'm willing to purchase an ANT+ USB dongle?

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Re: Bluetooth?

Post by kostya416 »

We currently support ANT+ protocol (ANT USB2 or ANTUSB-M stick). BTLE is in the works but to be frank it is not the highest priority item at the moment
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Re: Bluetooth?

Post by jimipop »


This looks great - any news on Bluetooth though?
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Re: Bluetooth?

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No news we are busy with the other thing at the moment
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Re: Bluetooth?

Post by Winstaboogie »

Any plans to introduce BLE, or has it already been done and I haven't noticed??
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