BKOOL smart trainer is not recognized

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BKOOL smart trainer is not recognized

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Just what the subject says. Also at this stage it is not recognized by any other software over ANT+ protocol.

Most likely because it was previously paired to Bkool software using BLE (Bluetooth low energy). Once it paired as BLE device it will not be recognized by ANY ANT+ FE-C software. To fix that go back to BKOOL software, click or right click (forgot which one) trainer and select "pair as ANT+). Once it pairs you're all good and can use your BKOOL with any other ANT+ software. I had couple of our customers asking exactly the same questions.
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Re: BKOOL smart trainer is not recognized

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I just did a quick test to see if both my new Bkool Pro and VeloReality videos were working well together. I had the same problem that the VR software wasn't recognising the Bkool Pro. I went into the Bkool Simulator and changed the setting as described above and it fixed the problem.
I then went on to test, firstly the Paterberg and, then just a short section of Tourmalet East. Very impressed with both.

Just a shame I'm now under orders to pack it all away until Christmas day. :(
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