Power equalization

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Power equalization

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I had a nice, prolonged ride with Polar_Ninja yesterday. The power equalization- Group Ride- option made it possible. I could not have kept up with his pace otherwise. Thanks to admin for the handicap-like function. I wish there was a mechanism for contacting Polar_Ninja (or other riders I may see on a route). It would then be possible to review schedules and course options, and also check whether they had any interest in riding together in the future.
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Re: Power equalization

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Normally things like this (organizing a ride/people are done on some message boards) and this is the one ;) . Maybe if you can offer some better idea we can try to implement it.

If I personally wanted to organize some ride for example I'd just create topic in this forums something like:

RIDE(this is a keyword to pay attention) - DATE - TIME - USER
In the body I would put details (maybe list of videos to consider for example). If people want to join they could just reply to topic. If this works I could create subforum just for that and make sure that all non compliant topics will be removed.

I guess I could include some kind similar functionality in the software but it is way more expensive to create and needs to be specced first (would need some input for that)
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