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How to connect ANT FE-C trainer

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 2:23 am
by admin
Make sure you download and read appropriate section of user guide from: ... l_v1.0.pdf
as it explains the process in more details.

Software only works with ANT FE-C compliant trainers.

Plug in ANT+ stick into free USB port on your PC/laptop. It is highly recommended to use USB extension cable and place ANT+ stick as close as possible to your trainer to avoid signal loss.

Wait until Windows recognizes ANT+ stick and installs all the drivers.

After this step launch Veloreality software and make sure it recognizes ANT+ stick. It is indicated by Green colored LED marked ANT in bottom left corner of the screen:

After this click on ANT+(TM) devices button and then SEARCH button

After short while your trainer should appear on list. Here is the example:

At this point you can either click STOP SEARCH button or wait until the software finish search process (30 seconds)

Now you are all set and should see the ID of your trainer show up in the list of ANT+ devices:

and also as LED marked ANT in bottom left corner