Why "Start ride" button is disabled

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Why "Start ride" button is disabled

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This happens when your software is not paired to a Trainer (or powermeter/speed sensor as a substitute). At this point you might have "NO TRAINERS ATTACHED" message flashing at the bottom of screen (the message is a sure indicator of the situation but sometimes the same situation can happen without this message showing up).

1) Make sure that software has found ANT+ stick: LED labeled ANT in the left bottom part of the screen must be green. If not make sure there is ANT+ stick plugged in USB port of your PC. You might also unplug it and plug it back as ANT+ stick has tiny computer inside and that computer sometimes goes crazy and needs a reboot/power cycle. Also do not start any other software that might be using ANT+ stick and therefore block it. ANT+ stick can not be shared.

2) If (1) is not the case (ANT LED is green) then go to your ANT+ settings and pair whatever ANT+ trainer/sensors you will be using. Process of pairing is described in detail in our user guide http://www.veloreality.com/exs_v_ride/v ... l_v1.0.pdf: sections 5.5 and 7.2
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