Choosing computer

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Choosing computer

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The software generally behaves like a game in regards to demanding computer resource. Recommended minimum configuration is 2 (better 4) core Intel processor at 2GHz and more with 4GB (again more is better) of RAM and with dedicated graphics card (nVidia with 2GB and more memory being 1st choice at least for now). Some integrated graphics from Intel works fine some is not and their drivers are iffy, generally discrete graphics from nVidia/AMD works way better then Intel..

Extra note for small factor PCs, MS surface, Zotac, etc. Some of them work just fine and some start to overheat with time, due to the heavy load the software places on the graphics system. Especially when doing 4K.

The best way is to get hardware that is specifically marked as MID RANGE GAMING PC/Laptop/whatever.

Many stores that sell PC provide return policy so you can actually try the system, run it for a couple of hours in "test mode" (there is a button for it) on some video with and see if it performs ok and does not overheat.

It is always good to have some extras juice in the system as we will keep adding more run-time features.
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