What is Group Riding mode

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What is Group Riding mode

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Riders can be of vastly different fitness levels. What looks like easy comfy pace for one could be a total killer to the other. This presents challenges when group of riders wants to ride together/compete over the Internet on a level field or just simply want the video to move faster even though they're putting very low power.

To deal with this “Group ride” friendly mode was introduced.


Clicking “Group ride” button toggles this mode. When it is on the LED to the right of this button has green color. Otherwise it is gray. When the “Group ride” mode is on your speed will be calculated based on your power scaled to the ratio of 200 / YOUR FTP. FTP is so called Functional Threshold Power (maximum average power you can maintain for 1 hr). So basically riders with FTP below 200 watts will be given a power boost while riders with FTP higher then 200 watts will be throttled down.

The boost/throttling down factor will be determined by following formula:

So please enter you realistic FTP in “Settings/User data” if you want to participate in riding/competing over the Internet on a level playing field. Note that the real time display will still show the actual power you are riding at. Only speed/distance traveled will be affected by "Group ride" mode.

Also when your FTP is more then 1% different from 200W total weight of cyclist and bike used for speed calculations will be 80kg (obviously for "Group riding" mode only).
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